Meeting Procedures: Parliamentary Law and Rules of Order for the 21st Century

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A complete, modern guide to meeting procedures. From voting and debating to rules on quorum, this guidebook is packed with simplified information that avoids jargon, meeting the needs of most non-profit organizations and professional associations. The author emphasizes the principles of meetings and introduces the use of modern technology in meetings.


Foreword Preface
Chapter 1 Principles and Rules at Meetings
Chapter 2 Documents of Authority
Chapter 3 Order of Business and Agenda
Chapter 4 Main Motions
Chapter 5 Motion to Amend
Chapter 6 Delaying Motions
Chapter 7 Motions That Affect Debate
Chapter 8 Privileged Motions
Chapter 9 Incidental Motions
Chapter 10 Voting Methods
Chapter 11 Nominations and Elections
Chapter 12 Annual Meetings and Conventions
Chapter 13 Questions and Answers
Appendix A. Sample Minutes
Appendix B. Report Format
Appendix C. Committee Journal
Appendix D. Sample Convention Rules Index About the Author


James Lochrie is a Certified Professional Parliamentarian accredited through the American Institute of Parliamentarians. He is currently President of the American Institute of Parliamentarians and a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians.


A no-nonsense reference to the terms and procedures for organizing debate among large bodies of human beings...Discussing the mechanics of motions, voting methods, nominations, orders of business and more...an absolute "must read" for anyone seeking to master the basics of these formal principles in order to better participate and communicate in business or civic meetings of any size and diverse complexities. The Bookwatch
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