Historical Dictionary of Prophets in Islam and Judaism

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September 2002



Both traditions recognize and draw theological and historical lessons from some of the same narrative sources, but this is the first comparative resource to provide interdisciplinary coverage of the history and textual sources associated with prophets and prophecy. This thorough treatment of a difficult and increasingly controversial subject area will encourage and cultivate knowledge and understanding.


Scott B. Noegel is Associate Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Washington. He has published more than forty articles on a variety of biblical and ancient Near Eastern topics, and he has collaborated on several books, including Janus Parallelism in the Book of Job and a forthcoming work entitled Nocturnal Ciphers: The Punning Language of Dreams in the Ancient Near East. He is the associate editor of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures and the creator of Okeanos, an online resource devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the ancient Near East and Greece. His two films, Descent of Ishtar and the Epic of Gilgamesh: Tablet XI, have earned him international accolades. Brannon M. Wheeler is Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and chair of Comparative Religion at the University of Washington. Professor Wheeler has taught at several academic institutions including Vanderbilt University and Pennsylvania State University prior to his position at the University of Washington. A past visiting scholar at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the School of Islamic Law and Islamic Studies at Kuwait University, the American Research Center in Egypt, and the American Institute of Maghreb Studies in Tunisia, Professor Wheeler has published numerous books and articles on various religious subjects.


[A] helpful volume. International Review Of Biblical Studies The dictionary is a must for comparativist scholars and serious students of the Abrahamic traditions, and belongs in every college and university library reference section. Religion and Literature This encyclopedic work will be most useful to students and scholars who want a non-technical, quick reference on prophetic topics, figures, or sources. The information provided is clearly written and contains enough substance to answer most questions that the non-specialist would ask. The inclusion of both biblical and Quranic entries in the same volume is a useful feature, since it allows those interested in one area to draw easily on similar material from the other tradition. Journal Of The American Oriental Society ...invaluable information for anyone...a useful contribution to the field of comparative Islamic-Jewish studies. It is a good initial resource work...The comprehensive bibliographies especially serve as excellent launching tools for further in-depth interdisciplinary research. Journal Of Near Eastern Studies Uses a dictionary format to examine topics in Islamic and Judaic prophecy. Booklist 20030215 The entries on the main characters and prophetic figures shared by the Biblical and Islamic traditions - Aaron, Adam and Eve, David, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and so on - are extremely informative, concise, and accurate synopses...providing an excellent basis for comparative study...This historical dictionary is an extremely informative and useful work, and hopefully it will promote the more informed comparative study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. American Journal of Islamic Social Studies
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