Molecular Mechanisms of Drug Action

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In this book the targets of drug action are the central focus - whether they be enzymes in a pathway or membrane-bound receptors and ion channels. This approach distinguishes the book from others in the f ield which consider the subject mainly in terms of disease.; The introductory chapter is concerned with the basic principles that cover enzyme inhibition and receptor binding by drugs. The next seven chapters deal with drugs that modulate biochemical pathways, both of synthesis and breakdown, while the last four chapters are concerned with organizational structures of the cell.; The book brings together the state of knowledge with respect to drug action and emphasizes mechanistic aspects of drug action. It encompasses the modes of action of drugs for infectious disease and those for endogenous conditions. There is a listing of reviews and essay questions are provided for each chapter.


General principles; nucleic acid biosynthesis and catabolism; protein biosynthesis; carbohydrate metabolism; cell wall biosynthesis; steroid biosynthesis and action; prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis and action; zinc metalloenzymes; neurotransmitter action and metabolism; membrane active agents; microtubule assembly; hormonal modulators. Appendix: quantification of ligand/macromolecule binding.
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