Point de Lendemain (No Tomorrow)

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April 2003



Point de lendemain (No Tomorrow) is the English translation of a French 18th century masterpiece, Point de Lendemain by Dominique Vivant Denon. Written in 1777 and re-edited in 1812, Point de Lendemain is a record of the initiation of a young man and a member of a secret society. Giovanna Summerfield's preface and notes will offer a new way of reading Point de Lendemain, marginalizing the triviality of sex and the love triangle, which has been thus far seen as a physical need rather than as an expression of supremacy and challenge of God.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Part One: The Mysterious Dominique Vivant Denon; Point de lendemain: Its Underlying Message Chapter 3 Part Two: Point de lendemain (No Tomorrow) Chapter 4 Bibliography Chapter 5 Index


Giovanna Summerfield is a French Lecturer at Auburn University.
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