Helping Kids Hope: A Teacher Explores the Need for Meaning in Our Schools and in Our Lives

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Juli 2003



In a healthy, meaningful, and enriching education, teachers and students treasure, celebrate, and nurture themselves and each other. Helping Kids Hope describes one teacher's efforts to learn, and to teach in this way.


During over 30 years of college and university teaching, Nancy E. Gill was determined to reach students many teachers and professors considered unreachable. Thus, she spent 24 years "adopting" groups of younger students who, like her college students, found traditional schooling lonely, painful, discouraging, and boring. In the process, she invented ways to help students at all levels feel more hopeful and confident-in their minds and also in their lives.


Nancy Gill, with patience and sensitivity, enabled her students to discover, once again, the profound possibilities of their own learning. What we learn, as we read this inspiring book, is the importance of listening-and letting students of all ages respond to their most deeply felt ideas and thoughts. She reminds us, over and over, that meaningful learning is what education should always be reaching for. -- Richard Lewis, founder and director of The Touchstone Center for Children, and author I would hope that all teachers will read this and see the impacts (positive and negative) they are making on our children's lives. If parents are wondering what their children are thinking about school they should read Helping Kids Hope. What great insight for all! -- Debbie Landram, Belfair Elementary P.T.A President (2002-2003) As a direct approach to all that is dysfunctional in education, this book reclaims the spirit of the child for learning in very insightful ways. A must read for everyone who meaningfully embraces the caring for children. -- Robert Piepenburg, author of Treasures of the Creative Spirit
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