Developing Library Staff Through Work-Based Learning

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The topic of staff development is not new to the world of library work and its need in today's information organization is no less pressing. But how can a manager hope to attract and maintain a skilled workforce in the face of financial constraints, declining or flattened budgets, and downsizing initiatives?


Barbara Moran is professor at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is also the co-author of the widely used textbook Management of Libraries and Information Agencies (Libraries Unlimited), the sixth edition of which was published in September 2002. Barbara Allan is a Senior Lecturer in student learning and management learning at the Hull University Business School, UK. Her previous experience includes management of academic and workplace libraries. She is also the author E-Learning and Teaching in Library and Information Services (Facet Publishing, 2002).


Review of UK edition: Training managers should suggest this title to anyone who is considering their personal career development-and especially to those who are not. Buy it for the staff library, and pass it around. La Record Review of UK edition: ...ideal as a handbook for any library staff with an interest in training and the development of a learning culture in the workplace. New Library World Review of UK edition: It is recommended for the professional collection of any library. Australian Library Journal ...a useful book for any supervisor. It is easy to read, full of short, sharp advice and some thoughtful comment. The examples are particularly useful and cover a wide range of situations, many of which will be familiar to any practising library manager...well worthwhile, especially for a beginning manager. -- Bob Pymm Australian Library Journal Review of UK edition: This work is highly recommended as reading for anyone serious about training and learninggggg Managing Information Review of UK edition: This work is highly recommended as reading for anyone serious about training and learning Managing Information
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