Catalogue of Vocal Solos and Duets Arranged in Biblical Order

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August 2003



The second edition of A Catalogue of Vocal Solos and Duets Arranged in Biblical Order serves as a companion volume to A Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order (Second edition, 1996, and supplement, 2001, both published by Scarecrow Press). It is a necessary tool for the church musician to coordinate music with the scripture readings and/or the sermon topic and a valuable aid to the vocal soloist seeking a work using a particular biblical text. The book serves as a working document for the church musician, soloist, or voice teacher.


James H. Laster is Professor Emeritus at Shenandoah Conservatory of Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA. Diana R. Strommen is Administrator of Youth Ministries, First Presbyterian Church, Marietta, GA. She has been both a winner and finalist in United Christian Artists Midwest Vocal Competition, the NATS Special Competitive Division, and is a recipient of the Amoco Award of Excellence.


Valuable for choral directors in university and community settings. Highly recommended [for] academic and public libraries. CHOICE The library of every church musician, soloist and voice teacher is not complete without this beautiful volume. The American Organist ...an outstanding resource...This reference tool would be a valuable addition to any music library or large public library. Voice teachers, students, and professional singers, as well as anyone responsible for solo music for a church or synagogue, will find this a valuable, time-saving and intriguing resource. Music Reference Services Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 2 (2005)
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