Number Theory: An Introduction to Pure and Applied Mathematics

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April 1996



This text provides a detailed introduction to number theory, demonstrating how other areas of mathematics enter into the study of the properties of natural numbers. It contains problem sets within each section and at the end of each chapter to reinforce essential concepts, and includes up-to-date information on divisibility problems, polynomial congruence, the sums of squares and trigonometric sums.;Five or more copies may be ordered by college or university bookstores at a special price, available on application.


An historical introduction; congruences; quadratic residues; approximation of real numbers; diophantine equations I; diophantine equations II; arithmetic functions; the average order of arithmetic functions; prime number theory; an introduction to algebraic number theory.


"This work is obviously a labor of love. . ..The author has chosen a wide variety of topics that illustrate many different techniques used in number theory, and he succeeds in showing how other parts of mathematics play a role in studying properties of the integers." ---Zentralblatt fur Mathematik
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