How Long This Road

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In light of the recent death of C. Eric Lincoln, the renowned theorist of race and religion, scholars came together and created this compelling collection that represents twenty years of critical intellectual reflection in Lincoln's honor. "How Long this Road" is a social study of African American religious patterns and dynamics. C. Eric Lincoln's principle concern with the racial factor in American social and religious life expands in these pages to include such correlative factors as gender, the African Diaspora, and social class. "How Long this Road" is an impressive work that is bound to become a classic in religion and sociology courses, church studies and African American studies.


Part I: The Legacy of Lincoln * Human Values and Inhuman Systems - C. Eric Lincoln * C. Eric Lincoln: A Scholar for All Seasons - Charles H. Long * The "American Dilemma" in the Life and Scholarship of C. Eric Lincoln - Mary R. Sawyer * Heroic Professor: A Pedagogy of Creativity - Jon Michael Spencer * The Lincoln Legacy: Challenges and Considerations - Jualynne E. Dodson *
Part II: The Social Analysis of Religion * Islam in America: Problems of Legacy, Identity, Cooperation and Conflict Among African Americans and Immigrant Muslims - Lawrence Mamiya * W.E.B. Du Bois and the Struggle for African America's Soul - Alton B. Pollard, III * Martin, Malcolm, and Black Theology - James H. Cone * "There Is a Work for Each One of Us": The Socio-Theology of the Rev. Florence Spearing Randolph - Cheryl Townsend Gilkes *
Part III: The Witness of the Religious Community * Freedom's Song - Gardner C. Taylor * Turning Burdens Into Blessings - Floyd Flake * Can the Intellect Analyze the Spirit? - Ava Muhammad *
Part IV: Lift Every Voice * The Teachers of the World - Asa G. Hilliard * "My Chains Fell Off": Heart Religion in the African American Methodist Tradition - L. Henry Whelchel, Jr. * Stalking George Washington Williams - John Hope Franklin * The Social Responsibility of the Modern University - Jon Silber


Dwight N. Hopkins is Professor of Theology and Director of MA Studies in the Divinity School, University of Chicago, USA.


"How Long This Road is a sturdy testament to the life and work of C. Eric Lincoln. This kind of testament is necessary to capture the prodigious interest and themes that captured Lincoln's creative mind: religion, race, ethics, literature, human rights, the arts, science, social philosophy, the university, business and economics, the Black Church, civil rights, culture, poetry, sociology, classical philosophy, and education. This volume does not engage in hagiography but pedagogy. Much like his work, the contributors not only inform us, they teach us about the nature of human existence, the need to ask questions about the world around us, and the importance of keeping our humanity in the process. These things keep faith with the values of life, dignity, creativity, and responsibility that Lincoln saw as fundamental to every civilized society. This volume honors Lincoln because it touches the soul and the intellect with uncompromising rigor, keen analysis, and great hope." - Emilie M. Townes, Beaird Professor of Christian Ethics, Union Theological Seminary "A superb volume! This collection pays just tribute to one of the deans of African American religious studies and provides teachers and intelligent readers with a wonderful overview of religion in black America. Professors and religious leaders around the country should celebrate and make good use of this text." - Robert M. Franklin, Presidential Distinguished Professor, Candler School of Theology, Emory University
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