Campaign 2000: A Functional Analysis of Presidential Campaign Discourse

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September 2003



Campaign 2000 applies the functional theory of political campaign discourse--analyzing how messages acclaim, attack, or defend--to several different forms of campaign communication in the 2000 U.S. presidential primary and general election. These forms include political advertisements on television and radio, debates, television talk show appearances, campaign web pages, and convention speeches by candidates and their spouses. The authors also look at the election outcomes and explore lessons to apply to future campaign discourse.


Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 I. Introduction Chapter 3 1. Overview: A Functional Theory of Political Campaign Discourse Chapter 4 2. Method and Procedures: Analyzing Acclaims, Attacks, and Defenses Part 5 II. Primaries Chapter 6 3. Television Spots Chapter 7 4. Debates Chapter 8 5. Web Pages Chapter 9 6. Radio Spots Chapter 10 7. Television Talk Show Appearances Part 11 III. Nominating Conventions Chapter 12 8. Featured Speakers Chapter 13 9. Acceptance Addresses Chapter 14 10. Spouses' Speeches Part 15 IV. General Election Campaign Chapter 16 11. Television Spots Chapter 17 12. Debates Chapter 18 13. Web Pages Chapter 19 14. Radio Spots Chapter 20 15. Television Talk Show Appearances Part 21 V. Conclusion and Implications Chapter 22 16. Outcomes and Implications Chapter 23 References Chapter 24 Indexes


William L. Benoit is professor of communication at the University of Missouri. John P. McHale is an assistant professor at Illinois State University. Glenn J. Hansen is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at the University of Missouri. P. M. Pier teaches at Wartberg College. John P. McGuire teaches at Oklahoma State University.


A comprehensive categorization of 2000 presidential campaign communication... [Includes] unique information, sometimes with startling potential significance. CHOICE
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