Rachel's Children: Stories from a Contemporary Native American Woman

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Rachel's Children is the true story of a contemporary Ojibwa household and the woman and her children who are at its core. As their lives unfold, we understand how traditional beliefs help Rachel's family cope as they encounter racism in rural Michigan. Beardslee writes in a style that is a combination of ethnography, theatrical script, and novel, echoing the Ojibwa style of storytelling. Her book will be valuable for instructors in Native studies, multicultural education, and anthropology.


Chapter 1 1: On a Clear Day Indians Can See Forever Chapter 2 2: The Life Expectancy Myth Chapter 3 3: The Practical Side of Being Married to the West Wind Chapter 4 4: Us versus Them Chapter 5 5: If You Find Something That Works, Stick With It Chapter 6 6: Maple Syrup Chapter 7 7: Jam Chapter 8 8: The Sock Pile From Hell Chapter 9 9: No Rest for the Wicked Chapter 10 10: Flooding the Ice Rink Chapter 11 11: Skate Chapter 12 12: The Dog Story Chapter 13 13: Crispy Fish Chapter 14 14: The Fine Art of Trash Chapter 15 15: Compost Chapter 16 16: Community Property Chapter 17 17: Freezing Rain Chapter 18 18: Liars and Fakers Chapter 19 19: Dogs, Horses, and Indians are Defenseless Chapter 20 20: Separate is Not Equal Chapter 21 21: Benefit of the Doubt Chapter 22 22: The Stalking Chapter 23 23: Cultural Appropriation Chapter 24 24: The Social Worker Chapter 25 25: Equinox Chapter 26 26: A Single Feather Chapter 27 27: Deodorant Before Columus Chapter 28 28: Boys Will Be Boys Chapter 29 29: Holes-in-the-Sky Chapter 30 30: Math and Snakes Chapter 31 31: The Wiindigoog Chapter 32 32: Manaboozhou's Children


Lois Beardslee has been a teacher and writer for 25 years. She is also an accomplished artist whose works are in public and private collections worldwide. She is the author of Lies to Live By (Michigan State University Press, 2003).


Using contemporary stories that put to test the values of the traditional stories, Rachel's Children is a collection of laugh-out-loud narratives and a searing indictment of racism in the United States. -- Beverly Slapin, Oyate Rachel's Children is gripping. It starts at a gallop and reads fast, pulling the reader along. Sault Area Arts Council I am not aware of any other book quite like this one, neither from the point of view of illuminating American Indian women's lives in such personal detail, nor of a more didactic approach that explores contemporary Ojibwa, or American Indian, issues. It is unique and refreshing in both style of presentation and content... A number of times while reading it I laughed out loud because Beardslee had perfectly captured some of the crazy absurdities and ironies of life as perceived from an Indian point of view. -- Susan Lobo, author of Native American Voices
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