In the News: American Journalists View Their Craft

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Februar 2001



This book provides rare and candid insights by those who experienced the reality of meeting a deadline and the pressures of space limitations and access to information. Knudson has crafted a seamless narrative of journalism in America by tying together hi


Chapter 1 Colonies and Revolution: Prelude to Press Freedom Chapter 2 Partisan Press to Penny Press Chapter 3 The Civil War Chapter 4 The Frontier Press Chapter 5 The Age of Consolidation Chapter 6 Muckrakers and the American Dream Chapter 7 War Correspondence in the Twentieth Century Chapter 8 The African-American Press Chapter 9 Radio and Television Chapter 10 The Press and World Revolution Chapter 11 The Contemporary Press and Criticism Chapter 12 Objectivity at the Barricades


A fresh new interpretation of the history of American journalism as viewed by the journalists themselves. An excellent supplement to standard texts as well as of vital interest to the general public. -- Bruce Underwood, University of Texas at Brownsville Jerry Knudson provides a lively and informative look at the history of the press from the inside out. Good for anyone interested in the professional past of the media industry. -- Patricia Bradley, Ph.D., Temple University [Knudson] has collected an impressive cross section of the 'literature of journalism' in one volume. The book's organization makes it a compatible and easily accessible addition to many of the standard mass media history texts used in undergraduate and graduate media history courses. American Journalism In the News is a ground-breaking work, a unique and important contribution to the history of journalism in America. Previous volumes concentrated on the documents that appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on the air. This book gives us absorbing and, for that matter, entertaining writings by the many who have been journalists themselves and who have had the imagination and good sense to look at themselves, at others, and at their products. -- Calder M. Pickett, University of Kansas
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