Amelia Earhart's Shoes: Is the Mystery Solved?

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Can modern science tell us what happened to Amelia Earhart? The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) has spent fifteen years searching for the famous lost pilot using everything from archival research and archaeological survey to side-scan sonar and the analysis of radio wave propagation. In this spellbinding book, four of TIGHAR's scholars offer tantalizing evidence that the First Lady of the Air and her navigator Fred Noonan landed on an uninhabited tropical island but perished before they could be rescued. Do they have Amelia's shoe? Parts of her airplane? Are her bones tucked away in a hospital in Fiji? Come join their fascinating expedition and examine the evidence for yourself!


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 1. Where in the World is Amelia Earhart? Chapter 3 2. The Lady in Question Chapter 4 3. The Navigator and the Airplane Chapter 5 4. Disappearance Chapter 6 5. After the Search: Asumptions, Assertions, and Conspiracy Theories Chapter 7 6.Getting Hooked on Earhart Chapter 8 7. McKean, Gardner, and the PISS Chapter 9 8. First Time on Niku Chapter 10 9. Can't Find that Train Chapter 11 10. Hope Springs Eternal Chapter 12 11. Amelia's Shoe? Chapter 13 12. "We Did It!" or Not Chapter 14 13. The Skeptic and the Kiwis Chapter 15 14. Back to the Winward Side Chapter 16 15. The Shattered Shores of Niku Chapter 17 16. Harassed by Hina, Favored in Funafuti Chapter 18 17. After the Storm Chapter 19 18. Kanton in the Rain Chapter 20 19. Bones for Real Chapter 21 20. Flesh on the Bones Chapter 22 21. Whose Bones, and Where? Chapter 23 22. Meanwhile... Chapter 24 23. "Where the Plane Came Down" Chapter 25 24. Trying to Make Sense of It All Chapter 26 25. What Happened on the Night of July 2? Chapter 27 26. And Then? And Now? Chapter 28 Epilogue: 2001 and Beyond Chapter 29 Notes


Thomas F. King is a well known archaeological consultant specializing in the protection of cultural resources, author of five books, and archaeologist on the Amelia Earhart Project. Randall S. Jacobson is a geophysicist with the U.S. Navy, an expert on oceanic seismic activity and naval mine-hunting technology, and author of over 40 professional articles. Karen Ramey Burns is a consulting forensic anthropologist specializing in human identification based at the University of Georgia, has worked at crime scenes, mass murder sites, cemeteries, and disaster scenes on five continents, and is author of a major textbook on forensics. Kenton Spading is an engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers specializing in computers and remote sensing technology.


You'll be enthralled as much by the telling as by the tale. Dallas Morning News The authors have taken one of the great mysteries of modern times, provided a story line that could only have been conceived by Steven Spielberg, and created a book that will keep you up until you turn the last page. -- Greg Stemm, founder, Professional Shipwreck Explorers Association A rare camaraderie forged by sunburn, sea sickness, exhaustion, and a shared dedication against all odds and in defiance of all criticism... TIGHAR has already gathered evidence that they are searching in te right place... [They] have sifted meticulously through dirt, scoured murky lagoons, and dived the fringing reef. Skin Diver Magazine While their judgements are tantalizing and plausible, the fun of the book is being in on the excitement of the discoveries and the scientific testing of the hypothesis. Written in a colloquial, good-humored style that takes itself seriously but is not above cracking a joke to make a point, this is a must for 'what happened to Amelia' fanatics, and also those who are interested in how science can be used to test the veracity of theories about historical mysteries. Publishers Weekly There are competing theories about Earhart's disappearance, but in this engrossing description of the investigations, TIGHAR has produced one of the most cogent and plausible theories yet. This is a valuable and entertaining primer on the disappearance itself, and it just might hold the solution to one of aviation's greatest mysteries. -- Mel D. Lane Library Journal Although we still do not know where we might find Amelia Earhart's lost plane, here is a compelling scientific argument for one place to look. -- Dr. Robert D. Ballard, president, Institute for Exploration, and discoverer of the Titanic A light-hearted book written by serious, skilled people, unlike previous ponderous books on the subject. Maui News No doubt fans of 'Unsolved Mysteries' and anything about the famous aviatrix's final flight will be intrigued by Amelia Earhart's Shoes: Is the Mystery Solved? Although the authors do not answer their title question definitively and continue their own search, they tell a good story about their adventures, as well as those of Earhart and Noonan, and they suggest that the duo landed on the island of Nikumaroro in the South Pacific, 'lived on the island for a while, and died.' Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains If you're an archaeologist or a fan of archaeology, if you love a good mystery, if you want to know wht historic archaeological research is really like, or if you're a secret fan of Amelia Earhart, get your hands on this book. You will surely not be disappointed. Archaeology.About.Com This book by Dr. King and the others is the most comprehensive treatment of its subject; for those who want to learn about Earhart's famous flight, it is the best thing currently available. Moreover, the book makes no claims based solely on speculation; everything reported is from actual experience and the recovery of physical evidence. Anyone who wants to study their mysterious final flight will have to read Amelia Earhart's Shoes. The Journal Of Pacific Studies
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