Listening in on Museum Conversations

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Juni 2004



We all know that learning takes place in museums but what does that really mean? Who learns what and how do they learn it? Gaea Leinhardt and Karen Knutson set out to investigate these questions through the conversations of museum visitors. The model they developed from their research owes much to sociocultural theory, and they challenge others to think about certain specific features of the museum experience in order to understand and define learning. They advocate an expanded concept of learning for museums, and for more formal schooling environments. Leinhardt and Knutson add their voices to what they call the extended conversation that is ongoing among thoughtful practitioners with an interest in formal and informal learning in museums.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Chapter 1: Learning Chapter 4 Chapter 2: Exhibitions Chapter 5 Chapter 3: Identity Chapter 6 Chapter 4: Conversation Chapter 7 Chapter 5: Learning Environment Chapter 8 Chapter 6: Results Part 9 Appendix Part 10 References Part 11 Index Part 12 About the Authors


An outstanding feature of this significant contribution to the museum research literature is the authors' detailed discussions of their assumptions as well as choices-both practical and theoretical-they had to make in shaping this monumental study. -- George E. Hein, Lesley University Visitor Studies Today The message for museums in Listening in on Museum Conversations is to expand the boundaries of visitor and researcher information as unique forums in which to study language, action, and thought among informally constructed groups of people unconstrained by formal objectives for learning. Muse
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