The Origins of the Anglo-American Missionary Enterprise in China, 1807-1840

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September 1996



Rubinstein examines the efforts of the Protestant missionaries, representatives of evangelical mission societies in Great Britain and the United States, who sought to introduce Protestant Christianity to Canton, Guangdong Province, and the great empire that was the Qing-dominated China in the decades before the Opium War.


Murray A. Rubinstein, a member of the History Department at Baruch College/CUNY, studies Sino-American cultural/religious interaction and folk religion in Minnan (Fujian and Taiwan) China.


The author is wonderful not only at recreating that time and place, but more importantly, at explaining the main themes in the history of Anglo-American evangelism...Rubinstein's obvious sympathy for the trials of his pioneers does not, fortunately, lead him to a new form of hagiography. He remains the objective scholar...a study that contributes not only to the new mission history but also to the history of Western religion...its very accessibility would make it an ideal text to bridge the solitude between these two fields. China Review International Archival materials and bibliography include a good range of periodicals and reports of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and will be of use to the serious student...the book will be a welcome addition to college and seminary libraries. Missionology, Vol. Xxvi, No. 2, April 1998 ...he made extensive use of primary sources, including missionary archival documents and collections of papers (both manuscripts and published books). His notes and bibliography are thus especially servicable for those who are interested in doing original research in this area. He skillfully quotes much from missionary writings to give an original flavor of the times...His analysis is supported by an informative style...The merit of the book is clear. With the details in narrative and analysis, the book stands as a basic reading for those who want to understand how and why Protestant missionaries began their work in China before the Opium war. Journal Of The History Of Christianity In Modern China ..comprehensive bibliography...a very well-written and readable book...thoroughly researched...balanced...a crucial and paradigmatic period...Rubinstein...has provided an important and inviting service by sharing it... Journal Of The Lutheran Society For Missiology
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