Flavonoids in Health and Disease, Second Edition

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Mai 2003



Revised and expanded, this blue-ribbon reference emphasizes the latest developments in the identification, utilization, and analysis of flavonoids for the prevention of disease and maintenance of good health. The book examines the processes involved in the absorption, metabolism, distribution, and excretion of these compounds and the impact of biotransformation on flavonoid function. The Second Edition contains new discussions on the potential of dietary flavonoids to attenuate neurological dysfunction and degeneration, developments in gene expression and genomics for identification of therapeutic targets and markers of disease, and the mechanisms regulating flavonoid bioavailability.


Occurrence and analysis: analysis and identification of flavanoids in Practice; flavanoid-food composition tables; phenolic acids in fruits and vegetables; flavanoids in medicinal plants, natural products and herbs; occurrence and analysis ofproanthocyanidins in food. Characterization, Chemical and Biological Properties: synthesis of labelled flavanoids; characterization of the methylation sites of flavan-3-ols; protein binding-implications in biologtical systems; relationship between theantioxidant activity and phenolic composition of fruits and vegetables; effects of flavanoids on the oxidation of low density lipoproteins. Cell interactions in vivo and in vitro: flavanoids and brain ageing - a multiplicity of effects; involvement ofsignalling processes in the neuroprotective effects of flavanoids against oxidative stress; mitochondrial activities of flavanoids; gingko biloba Egb761 induces antioxidant gene expression of neuroactivity; pine bark extract and keratinocyte geneexpression; cytoprotective effects of flavanoids against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis; tea polyphenols, gene expression and chemoprevention. Adsorption, metabolism, bioavailability: metabolism of flavanoids in the small intestine andgastro-intestinal tract; understanding the absorption of flavanoids through studies in cacoII cells; absorption of quercetin glycosides; absorption of flavan-3-ols and the oligomeric procyanidins in vivo.


"Lester Packermore than anyone else has gathered clues that help us make sense of the free radical battlefield He's at the forefront of research." Nicholas Regush, ABCNEWS.com "a well-organized investigation." Journal of the American Dietetic Association
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