Acquiring a Non-Native Phonology: Linguistic Constraints and Social Barriers

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Presents an analysis of the problems of learning a second language as experienced by a family of learners. This book includes a study of a family of L2 English learners, focusing on a tightly-knit group of learners' acquisition of phonology over a longitudinal timeframe, and a study of social and linguistic factors in that time period.


Introduction; Investigating L2 Phonology; The Participants; Acquiring a Non-Native Phonology; Linguistic Constraints; Social Barriers; A Unified Approach; Conclusions.


Jette Hansen is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, University of Arizona.


."..Hansen describes timely and ambitious objectives for the volume: to integrate linguistic and social factors in an examination of the phonological acquisition of English of a Vietnamese family who recently immigrated to the United States. Hansen has chosen Vietnamese hoping to observe the developmental process from the starting point of a language known for syllable onsets and codas that are restricted in relation to the second language (L2) in terms of numbers and combinations of consonants allowed in both syllabic positions. With the goal of closely observing the process of early phonological acquisition vis-a-vis social factors such as identity formation, gender, language maintenance, and language use, each chapter outlines the predictable linguistic constraints (developmental preferences, markedness, transfer), ending with a call in the final two chapters to consider the social context for second language acquisition (SLA)... it is noteworthy that Hansen has chosen a longitudinal approach, allowing insight into developmental processes... Hansen's research objectives are timely and relevant for understanding phonological acquisition within an immigration context." - Alene Moyer, MLJ Reviews, (Modern Language Journal), Vol. 92 No. 1, 2008--Sanford Lakoff
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