Dug to Death: A Tale of Archaeological Method and Mayhem

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August 2003



With a cast of characters that includes Missy-Jojo-the-Dog-Faced-Girl as lab supervisor, erotic romance writer and field volunteer Elena Solara, the ghost of socialite Bunny Wallace, and shovelbum Rusty Spittle, Praetzellis' brief textbook-as-novel introduces students to the hows and whys of field methodology in an entertaining but informative way. Ideal for your introductory archaeology classes and probably the only textbook you'll enjoy reading yourself.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgements Chapter 2 An Introduction for Teachers and Others of Superior Intellect Chapter 3 Dramatis Personae. The Cast in Order of their Appearance Chapter 4 Chapter 1.A BEGINNING AND AN END: Contract Archaeology & Safety Chapter 5 Chapter 2. A SHOCK: Archaeological Site & Survey Chapter 6 Chapter 3. A PERFORMANCE: Historical Research & Primary Records Chapter 7 Chapter 4. A VISITATION: Myth & Professional Ethics Chapter 8 Chapter 5. A CLIMB: Consult & Research Design Chapter 9 Chapter 6. A WOLF: Context & Budget Estimate Chapter 10 Chapter 7. AN OFFER: Structure and Content & Professional Distance Chapter 11 Chapter 8. AN ASSUMPTION: Objectivity & Curation Chapter 12 Chapter 9. A STORY: TPQ & Archaeological Survival Chapter 13 Chapter 10. A SINKING FEELING: Dug to Death & Dig Chapter 14 Chapter 11. AN END AND A BEGINNING: Publication & Empiricist Chapter 15 Epilog Chapter 16 For Further Reading Chapter 17 Glossary Chapter 18 Index Chapter 19 About the Author/Illustrator


Adrian Praetzellis is Professor of Anthropology at Sonoma State University and author of the archaeological textbook-mystery novel Death by Theory.


In Adrian Praetzellis' book Dug to Death...he describes in deeply affecting fashion some of the myriad things that go horribly awry on an archaeological dig...If you want to be an archaeologist, if you really want to know what being an archaeologist is all about, go on a field school. And take this book with you. -- K. Kris Hirst Archaeology.About.Com Praetzellis has succeeded in doing what many other archaeological writers have attempted and fallen short. In Dug to Death, he has found a way to present archaeology that is education and truly entertaining at the same time. By presenting serious archaeological concepts and issues in methodology in a fictional format, Praetzellis has developed what may be the most effective way to talk about archaeology to audiences not very familiar with how archaeology really works... Dug to Death is a fun introduction to the nitty-gritty details of archaeology, presenting a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the discipline while still managing to communicate what archaeologists do, why they do it that way, and why archaeology itself is important. Industrial Archeology The author provides clear and elementary definitions and introduces key points of ethical interest, accomplishing his purpose with a clear style and logical organization. -- T.A. Floor, University of Montana CHOICE, May 2004
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