Annual Review of Jazz Studies 12: 2002

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Januar 2004



This twelfth volume of the Annual Review celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Institute of Jazz Studies and features articles covering subjects not previously engaged in past issues. Gil Evans, Django Reinhardt, Lucky Thompson, and Paul Bley each receive much deserved critical attention in this issue, which also includes a photo gallery illustrating some of the prominent locations and people of the Institute's history, both in New York and at its present home at Rutgers in Newark, New Jersey.


Chapter 1 Gil Evans: The Art of Musical Transformation Chapter 2 Django Reihardt's " I'll See You in My Dreams" Chapter 3 When Backward Comes Out Ahead: Lucky Thompson's Phrasing and Improvisation Chapter 4 After the Melody: Paul Bley and Jazz Piano After Ornette Coleman Chapter 5 A Photo Gallery: The Institute of Jazz Studies Celebrates Its First Fifty Years Chapter 6 The Gouge Chapter 7 A Creative Approach to Multi-Tonic Changes: Beyond Coltrane's Haromonic Formula Chapter 8 Jazz Quartet: A Sonnet Sequence Chapter 9 Erik Wiedemann's Career and Works: The Story of a Major Figure in Danish Jazz Research and Criticism Chapter 10 The Essential Jazz Records, Volume 2: Modernism to Postmodernism, byMax Harrison, Eric Thacker, and Stuart Nicholson Chapter 11 The Young Louis Armstrong: A Critical Survey of the Early Recordings, 1923-1928,byEdward Brooks Chapter 12 Miles Davis, Birth of the Cool: Scores From the Original Parts,Edited by Jeff Sultanof Chapter 13 Rat Race Blues: The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce, byNoal Cohen and Michael Fitzgerald Chapter 14 Roy Eldridge: Little Jazz Giant, byJohn Chilton Chapter 15 The Jazz Discography, Version 3.3,byTom Lord Chapter 16 A Bibliography of Jazz Articles in Nonjazz Journals 2001-2002 Chapter 17 Books Recieved at the Institution of Jazz Studies


...an interesting, very readable collection of articles on many aspects of jazz, ancient and modern...represents all schools of thought and opinion about the music. Mississippi Rag
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