Changing Policies to Close the Achievement Gap: A Guide for School System Leaders

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April 2004



In this guide, Cynthia D. Prince identifies state and local policies that tend to make the achievement gap worse and describes policy changes that superintendents have made with the support of their boards to help narrow the gap. She also examines policies that aggravate the inequitable distribution of quality teachers and principals, that restrict student access to challenging coursework, and that reduce academic instruction time.


Chapter 1 List of Exhibits Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 1. Closing the Gap Chapter 5 2. Policies That Aggravate the Inequitable Distribution of Quality Teachers and Principals Chapter 6 3. Policies That Restrict Student Access to Challenging Coursework Chapter 7 4. Policies That Reduce Academic Instruction Time Chapter 8 5. Conclusions and Recommendations Chapter 9 Bibliography Chapter 10 About the Author


Cynthia D. Prince conducted the research in this book for the American Association of School Administrators, where she served as Issues Analysis Director. She is currently the director of Teacher Professional Development for the Council of Chief State School Officers. Previous positions held include coordinator of program evaluation for the Connecticut State Department of Education; chief of research, evaluation, and statistical services for the Maryland State Department of Education; and associate director for analysis and reporting for the National Education Goals Panel in Washington, D.C. Her primary research interests are education and language policy, first- and second-language acquisition, and teacher and principal quality.
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