Reminiscing in Tempo: The Life and Times of a Jazz Hustler

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Juni 1995



Teddy Reig (1917-1984) was a larger-than-life character, a self-described hustler who had a profound effect on the music world from the 1940s to the 1970s. As a record producer, he captured the work of dozens of leading jazz innovators.


Edward Berger is Assistant Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies of Rutgers University and co-editor of Scarecrow's Studies in Jazz Series. He is co-author of Benny Carter: A Life in American Music (Vol. 1 of this series) and an editor of and frequent contributor to the Annual Review of Jazz Studies and its predecessor, the Journal of Jazz Studies. He has produced several albums by Benny Carter and travels frequently to Japan as road manager for Carter's orchestras.


Teddy moved his SOUL to Harlem and lived it to the end. This is an important work about our music. Get It! -- Dizzy Gillespie The importance of Reig's career as a record producer is undeniable...a fine job of editing and pulling the material together...valuable... CHOICE Teddy was truly one of a kind. He knew everyone, and everyone knew him. Reminiscing in Tempo captures the spirit of Teddy and the time in which he lived. -- Benny Carter ...a valuable addition to a jazz collector's library... Chattanooga News-Free Press ...will have you chuckling every few pages...a story worth reading for the insight it gives, for things don't change...a lovely little book... Storyville ...Reig's multiple roles-fan, A&R man, gadfly and hustler-give this volume a sense of atmospheric perspective and crass business realities unmatched by many musicians' (auto)biographies. It's fun. Cadence Magazine
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