Historical Dictionary of Uganda

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The entries in the main section of the dictionary cover places, historical events and movements, important personages and ethnic groups, languages, and political and other movements up to early 1994. This is followed by a selected bibliography arranged under 12 main headings. The introduction to the


M. Louise Pirouet (Ph.D., University of East Africa; B.A., PGCE London) spent some twenty years teaching and researching in Kenya and Uganda. She is the author of Black Evangelists (Rex Collings, 1978) and part author and editor of Christianity Worldwide (SPCK, 1989) as well as of many articles and contributions to books on Ugandan and East African history. She has recently retired from a senior lectureship in Religious Studies at Homerton College, University of Cambridge.


...a handy, comprehensive guide to the country and is recommended for most libraries. American Reference Books Annual ...this is a remarkable book, for it goes well beyond most previous volumes in the series to offer over 500 pages of entries, many of exceptional breadth and depth, together with new insights and interpretations...a high quality reference work...it is also a very good read. International Journal Of African Historical Studies Pirouet's chronology for Uganda is richly detailed ...should be part of any library dealing with Africa as a whole... African Studies Review
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