The Matter and Manner of Praise: The Controversial Evolution of Hymnody in the Church of England, 1760-1820

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Traces the controversial shift from metrical psalms to hymnody, and also takes into account legal issues and litigation that developed over the introduction of hymns into church life.


Thomas K McCart (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University) is the Rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church and School.


Combining a readable style with copious footnotes, McCart chronicles the events which led to the long prevented but deeply desired singing of hymns in Anglican churches. In light of the controversy still simmering today about the liturgical use of hymns in some places, this historical study indicates a remarkable similarity in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century human perceptions of hymnody's potential both to lead and mislead the faithful. This book gives clear indication of what the fight is all about and provides us with a ringside seat for the match. Worship ...a useful foundation for further research...carefully documented research...A compelling work that should encourage further research in the field and stand as the starting point for any study. Religious Studies Review McCart's book offers an overview in a few very long chapters. Journal of Religion To those who take for granted the rich tradition of hymn singing in the Anglican communion, it may come as a surprise to find that this tradition is less than two hundred years old, and that it became established only after much debate and even legal action. Thomas McCart, a church historian and clergyman of the Episcopal Church, presents in this book an episode of Anglican history that has been the victim of unexamined assumptions by writers on hymnody, church history, and social history...In this study McCart has performed a valuable service by providing a more detailed prelude to the landmark publication, in 1861, of Hymns Ancient and Modern. ECCB: The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography Intended...as...a spark to further research and debate. Reference and Research Book News
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