Educating the Disabled: Enabling Learners in Inclusive Settings

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Many school districts are moving away from segregation to the integration of children with disabilities in the regular classroom. This book details strategies for the inclusion of disabled students in the mainstream.


Chapter 1 List of Illustrations Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 1 Administrative Theory, Roles, and Leadership Characteristics Chapter 5 2 Administering School Reforms Chapter 6 3 Incidences of Disability Chapter 7 4 Organizing School Programs for Individuals with Disabilities Chapter 8 5 Staff Development Chapter 9 6 Legal Responsibilities Chapter 10 7 Including Students With Disabilities in Statewide Assessments Chapter 11 8 Assessment Chapter 12 9 IEP Requirements Chapter 13 10 Inclusion Chapter 14 11 Promoting Cultural Awareness Chapter 15 12 reporting Progress to Parents Chapter 16 13 School and Community Interactions Chapter 17 14 Conclusion Chapter 18 Appendix A: Parental Due Process Checklist Chapter 19 Appendix B: The Manifestation Determination Review Chapter 20 Appendix C: Internet Sites with Information on the IDEA Amendments of 1997 Chapter 21 Appendix D: The IEP Process under IDEA 1997 Chapter 22 References Chapter 23 Index Chapter 24 About the Authors


George R. Taylor is professor and head of the Department of Special Education at Coppin State College and Core Faculty at the Union Institute. Frances T. Harrington teaches multicategorical special education students at the junior high school level and is adjunct professor of special education at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina.


Anyone involved in education who may be confused about the special education process, or with a dream of supporting inclusive practices, should read this book. Overall, it is a valuable addition to the existing literature on inclusion. The Review Of Disability Studies, Vol. 1 Issue 4 ...an acceptable supplemental text for university courses where school building administrators are being prepared for public service, as it will help them understand the continuing debate about inclusive education. Recommended. Graduate and professional collections. CHOICE
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