Chesterton and Evil

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In the engaging Chesterton and Evil, Mark Knight offers a compelling analysis of the increasingly marginalized, but undoubtedly influential Gilbert Keith Chesterton and his late 19th and early 20th century fiction. In his Autobiography Chesterton observed: Perhaps, when I eventually emerged as a sort of theorist, and was described as an Optimist, it was because I was one of the few people in that world of diabolism who really believed in devils.Arguing that a serious analysis of the nature of evil is at the center of his fiction, Chesterton and Evil offers an exciting, new interdisciplinary reading of Chesterton's work, and provides a means of locating it among important theological and cultural concerns of his age.


Mark Knight is a Lecturer in English Literature at Roehampton University of Surrey. He has published a range of work on nineteenth and early-twentieth fiction, including articles in English Literature in Transition 1880-1920, Literature and Theology, Christianity and Literature, Wilkie Collins Society Journal, and Dickens Studies Annual.


"Makes a valuable contribution to Chesterton scholarship by dispelling a chronic misconception about his thought."
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