Rhetoric in Antiquity

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Originally published as La Rhitorique dans l'Antiquiti (2000), this new English edition provides students with a valuable introduction to understanding the classical art of rhetoric and its place in ancient society and politics. Rhetoric formed an essential part of teaching and general culture. Today it gives indispensable keys to addressing current problems in literary theory, philosophy and aesthetics, communication, and political or legal debate. It bears a body of knowledge about reasoning and language, a vocabulary still in use, and transcends traditional barriers between disciplines and periods. Written by a leading scholar of classical rhetoric, Laurent Pernot, the book offers a full description of ancient rhetoric in the Greco-Roman period, from Homer and classical Athens, through the Hellenistic World, Roman Republic, and Roman Empire, up to the advent of Christianity, explaining the evolutions, illuminating the main themes, and stressing the key moments and figures. The book contains a thesaurus giving a list and explanation of all the technical terms, many of which are still in use in contemporary language. A comprehensive


Laurent Pernot is Professor of Greek Language and Literature at the University of Strasbourg and Vice-President of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric. He is the author of numerous books and articles.


"A comprehensive, concise, yet never simplistic overview of ancient rhetorical practice and theory....An exemplary introduction that gives a vivid and clear picture of the field." - Classical Review; "Pernot offers many new interpretations of the history of rhetoric, adds nuance and discrimination to many previous understandings, and overturns or takes us past a series of understandings that prevailed earlier; in each case he does so on the basis of the most respectable and current scholarship." - Lawrence D. Green, University of Southern California"
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