Historical Dictionary of Guam and Micronesia

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Januar 1994



Provides basic reference material on Micronesia, a region encompassing a vast area of the tropical western Pacific Ocean. Includes the Mariana, Caroline, Marshall, and Gilbert islands and the island nation of Nauru.


William L.Wuerch is Manuscripts Librarian at the University of Guam's Micronesian Area Research Center. He is formerly the Chairman, Library Sciences Department, University of Guam, and also Guam's Assistant Territorial Librarian. He co-authored Micronesia 1975-1987: A Social Science Bibliography (Greenwood, 1989). Dirk Anthony Ballendorf is Professor of Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam's Micronesian Area Research Center where he has taught Pacific and Micronesian history and politics for the past sixteen years. He is co-author of Die Karolinen-Inseln in Deutscher Zeit, and was the winner of the 1991 Heinl Memorial Award in Marine Corps History.


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