Using Human Learning Strategies in the Classroom

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April 2002



This book provides a realistic approach to applying human learning in the classroom. It's designed for the teacher who is aware of many different theories of learning and who might like to learn methods of transposing these theories to the classroom. No knowledge of any kind of psychological pedagogy is required. Professor Taylor's experience culled through over 30 years in the field combined with his flair for easily explaining complex matters, makes an invaluable reading experience for today's teacher.


The Psychology of Human Learning, The Impact of Behaviorism on Learning Theories, Ivan P. Pavlov, Burrhus F. Skinner, Social Learning Theories, Application of Social Learning Theory, Direct Intervention Techniques for Teaching Social Skills, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Theories of Learning, Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Concept Learning, Critical Thinking Skills, Holistic Learning and Education, Reciprocal Teaching, Brain-Based Learning, Strategies for Improving Memory, Some Concluding Remarks


George R. Taylor is professor and head of Department of Special Education at Coppin State College and Core Faculty at the Union Institute.
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