Conflict Resolution Communication: Patterns Promoting Peaceful Schools

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Juni 2002



Violence in schools, random shootings, acts of intimidation, and senseless hate crimes are behaviors with serious and sometimes deadly consequences. By successfully blending the processes of communication and mediation practices, one can productively lessen routine strife and learn new patterns of behavior to solve differences without violence. Conflict Resolution Communication: Patterns Promoting Peaceful Schools provides effective alternatives and successful options to help students, teachers, parents, educators, and professionals learn to deal with conflicts, difference, and diversity in schools peacefully.


1 Universal Declaration of Communication Principles 1999-2002 2 Introduction 3 Conflict Resolution Communication Patterns 4 Conflict Resolution Communication: A Solution for Peace 5 Conflict Resolution Communication Strategies 6 Narrative Conflict Resolution Communication 7 Negotiation: The Opposing Sides of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication 8 The Brutality of Bullying 9 Conflict Resolution Communication Techniques for Teachers and Administrators 10 Conflict Resolution Communication for Parents 11 Conflict Resolution Communication for Students 12 Changing Behavior Patterns: The End is Only the Beginning 13 Epilogue: Sightings for the Future 14 Afterword: Motivations to Promote Conflict Resolution Communication by Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch, University of Oxford, England


Melinda Lincoln is professor of communication at George Mason University, Virginia, an educational mediation coordinator, and a senior English teacher for the Fairfax (VA) County Public Schools.


Melinda Lincoln is an expert in the fields of communication and mediation; she has combined theories from both fields in an intelligent, clear and concise manner...this book would be useful for individuals who are thinking about implementing a peer mediation program or who are considering alternate methods of conflict resolution. Education Review
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