The Rhetoric of Character in Children's Literature

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Through a variety of critical perspectives, Nikolajeva ponders the art of characterization, uncovering the essential differences between story ('what we are told') and discourse ('how we are told'), and carefully distinguishing between how these are employed in children's fiction and in general fiction.


Part 1 Introduction. Why a Theory of a Character? Part 2 PART 1. ONTOLOGY AND TYPOLOGY OF CHARACTER Chapter 3 Chapter 1. Approaches to Literary Characters Chapter 4 Chapter 2. From Hero to Character Chapter 5 Chapter 3. In Search of the Protagonist Chapter 6 Chapter 4. Collective Character Chapter 7 Chapter 5. From Collective Character to Intersubjectivity Chapter 8 Chapter 6. Secondary Characters and Character Constellations Chapter 9 Chapter 7. Complexity and Development Part 10 PART 2. EPISTEMOLOGY OF CHARACTER Chapter 11 Chapter 8. Character and Plot Chapter 12 Chapter 9. Authorial Discourse: Description and Narration Chapter 13 Chapter 10. Authorial Discourse: Actions and Events Chapter 14 Chapter 11. Figural Discourse: Speech Acts Chapter 15 Chapter 12. Figural Discourse: Internal Representation Chapter 16 Chapter 13. Implicit Characterization


Maria Nikolajeva is Professor of Comparative Literature at Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden. She was the president of the International Research Society for Children's Literature 1993-97. She has also been member of the North American Children's Literature Association since 1985 and has served on its International Committee. In addition to being the author and editor of several books on children's literature, she is one of the senior editors of the forthcoming Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature.


One of the most scholarly treatments of children's literature available, this book makes a significant contribution to both the examination of children's literature and the theoretical study of literary character. It excels brilliantly on both levels. Accessible, free from jargon, and thoroughly usable, the book will be useful both to those used to more traditional discussions of static or flat character and to those more comfortable with the newer language of intersubjective character construction. Essential. Upper-division undergraduates and above. CHOICE As always, Nikolajeva's familiarity with a wide range of international literary theory and children's literature is apparent...a welcome survey of the literature and a starting place for future studies of aspects of character that have only been touched on here. Children's Literature This study will be of greatest use in academic libraries and public libraries that support courses in children's literature at the undergraduate and graduate levels. School Library Journal
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