Organic Phosphorus in the Environment

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Phosphorus is essential for life, yet is often the element most limiting for biological productivity. Although most organisms take up phosphorus in an inorganic form, organic forms frequently dominate in soils and aquatic systems. Up to this point, the role of organic phosphorus and mechanisms for its dynamics have been poorly understood. However, recent advances in research have shed new light on the subject and this book brings together these advances. It covers the transformation and characterization of organic phosphorus in both terrestrial and aquatic systems. It will attract a broad range of scientists from several disciplines.


Separation, preconcentration and speciation; Organic phosphorus speciation in natural waters by mass spectrometry; Abiotic degradation of organic phosphorus compounds in the environment; Enzymatic hydrolysis of organic phosphorus; Abiotic stabilization of organic phosphorus; Microbial tumover of phosphorus in soil; Organic phosphorus dynamics in tropical agroecosystems; Organic phosphorus transfer from terrestrial to aquatic environments; Interactions in terrestrial ecosystems; Organic phosphorus in the aquatic environment: speciation, transformations and interactions with nutrient cycles


"This book contains papers of a high standard that link well to each other to provide a picture of P that encompasses terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems."
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