Indian Slavery, Labor, Evangelization, and Captivity in the Americas: An Annotated Bibliography

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This bibliography is focused on the history of the imposition of policies upon Native Americans by the governments of other peoples. All of the books and articles included in this work were selected because they represent activities in which Native Peoples were forced into work, religion, or a lifestyle that ran contrary to their traditions.


Russell M. Magnaghi is Professor of History, Northern Michigan University. He is also the University Historian and Director of the Center for Upper Peninsula Studies.


The scope of the work is especially admirable, providing scholars and general readers...with materials in five languages on every region of the Americas...He has produced a valuable bibliography ... Journal of American History ...pan-American coverage allows comparisons and permits inclusion of background sources to provide context...highly recommended for collections supporting research on Native Americans or on the colonial and contemporary Americas. CHOICE This reference work will be helpful for both specialists and undergraduates seeking a few quick references...the bibliography will be invaluable to specialists and students in a range of fields. Latin American Research Review ...this bibliography provides access to information, from multiple perspectives, that will add considerably to a more complete and objective understanding of our own history and of contemporary Native American issues...provides a sorely needed reference for scholars and should be in the collections of academic libraries. American Reference Books Annual
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