Historical Dictionary of Early North America

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This book examines the long and complex history of human occupation in North America, covering its distinct culture areas of the Arctic, California, Eastern Woodlands, Great Basin, Great Plains, Northwest Coast, Plateau, Southwest, and Subarctic. Complete with maps, a chronology that spans the history from 11,000 B.C. to A.D. 1850, an introductory essay, more than 700 dictionary entries, and a comprehensive bibliography, this reference is a valuable tool for scholars and students. An appendix of museums that have North American collections and a listing of archaeological sites that allow tours by the public also makes this an accessible guide to the interested lay reader and high school student.


Part 1 Editor's Foreword Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Reader's Note Part 4 Acronyms and Abbreviations Part 5 Maps Part 6 Chronology Part 7 Introduction Part 8 THE DICTIONARY Part 9 Appendix A: Museums with North American Collections Part 10 Appendix B: Major North American Archaeological Sites Available for Public Tours Part 11 Bibliography Part 12 About the Author


Cameron B. Wesson is an associate professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His primary research focus is the political economy of the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands. He is the director of a long-term archaeological research project investigating the nature of Woodland period and Mississippian period archaeological sites in central Alabama. He is the author of numerous articles on the archaeology of southeastern North American and the forthcoming book, Households and Hegemony: Early Creek Prestige Goods, Symbolic Capital, and Social Power.


The volume opens by concisely introducing the regional prehistoric culture sequences of the continent and providing valuable background on the Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodland, Southwestern, Mississippian, and European contact periods...Recommended. Most useful for university libraries supporting degree programs in anthropology, archaeology, and history, although museum libraries should consider it for their social science holdings. CHOICE To recognize the challenge of writing this reference, it is very useful to read the excellent foreword written by the editor of the series...Academic and public libraries will find this to be a valuable reference. American Reference Books Annual With 700 entries, this dictionary offers an introduction to the cultural diversity of early North America. Wesson...,both because of his specialty and because of the subject matter, gives the material a decidedly archaeological bent, including terms and concepts from the discipline along with entries on different cultural groups, places, and individuals. The scope of his dictionary ranges from the earliest known inhabitants to the late 19th century. Reference and Research Book News
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