Training for Quality School-Based Decision Making: The Total Teamwork System

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November 2002



With expert information and guidance from these knowledgable authors, principals and school personnel can gain a clear understanding of school based decision making and learn how to work collaboratively to build quality teams to manage a school.


Chapter 1. The TTS Model Chapter 2. Problems Within and Outside of the Teams' Domain Chapter 3. Clarifying the Question: Finding the Appropriate Level for Discussion Chapter 4. Seeking Additional Information Chapter 5. Acceptance of Your Decision Chapter 6 Appendix A: Sample School District Policy Chapter 7 Appendix B: List of Helpful World Wide Web Sites for Research and Information Chapter 8 Suggested Readings Related to Participative Decision Making in Schools Chapter 9 General Bibliography for Empowerment, School-Based Decision Making, and Total Quality Management Chapter 10 Index Chapter 11 About the Authors


Thomas Valesky is currently professor and former program leader for the Department of Educational Leadership at Florida Gulf Coast University. Dianne D. Horgan is Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Arizona, a professor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Department of Communication, and a licensed psychologist in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Carol Etheridge Caughey is associate professor emeritius, in the Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, College of Education at the University of Memphis. Dennie L. Smith is Chair and Professor at the University of Memphis in the Instruction and Curriculum Leadership Department.


The authors...take the reader through all the necessary steps to reach a quality decision and tie specific skills into each step. School Administrator
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