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A history of Mexican comic books, their readers, their producers, their critics, and their complex relations with the government and the Church that discusses cultural nationalism, popular taste, and social change.


Anne Rubenstein is Assistant Professor of History at York University, Toronto.


"This thoughtful yet entertaining work gives new insights into the relationship between the state, civil society, and mass production of popular culture in Mexico... an enlightening and original exploration of Mexican popular culture, nicely illustrated with examples of this singular medium."--British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, April 2000 "Duke University, which has developed a fine list of publications on Latin American culture, once again strengthens its contribution to this genre with Anne Rubenstein's well-written exploration of Mexican popular culture. Using the vehicle of comic books, Professor Rubenstein provides fresh insights into the relationship between the state and the publishing world, challenging the myth of strict state authoritarian control over cultural matters."--Latin American Studies, Vol 32 2000 " ... this is an extremely well researched book, very well grounded in the context of Mexian national culture, and makes important observations regarding the loci of power in Mexico. It will be welcomed by those interested in cultural history, gender relations, and the Mexican political system, and is a valuable contribution to a subject which has been unjustly neglected."-- Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, January 2001
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