An Index to English Periodical Literature on the Old Testament and Ancient Near: Eastern Studies

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November 1992



In his formidable task of indexing over 600 journals, the editor has compiled articles for this volume covering three major subjects; 'Religiongeschichte'; philological and epigraphical studies; the Bible as literature.


William G. Hupper has published papers in theological journals and official government documents related to his position as traffic administrator for a leading multinational corporation.


...the series is growing in comprehensiveness, and thus usefulness, and is becoming increasingly indispensable for the scholar of the Old Testament. I would recommend its use heartily. Australian Biblical Review This volume is beautifully produced camera ready copy, most notably in terms of the clarity that has been achieved in reproducing such difficult fonts as Hebrew, Coptic and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Reviews of earlier volumes have recommended IEPLOT for postgraduate collections in religion and ancient history, and we continue to concur with this assessment. With its specific focus on the Bible as literature, this volume (and Volume 6) can be further recommended for literature collections in academic libraries. Australian Library Journal ...an essential addition to any English language theological library... Theological Book Review This is an astounding and monumental compilation of prime importance for in-depth study of the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East. Adris Newsletter
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