Historical Dictionary of Tanzania: 2nd Ed.

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April 1997



When Tanganyika became independent in 1961, the people were elated to be finally united behind a widely backed party, and looked toward growing with a relatively promising economy. The young state then merged with Zanzibar becoming the United Republic of Tanzania, thus demonstrating to the world a rare example of African unity. Today's mood is much less euphoric thn during the heyday of early independence, but Tanzania may now be embarking on a more realistic course of economic and political development. The Dictionary provides a brief overview of the history of the region from prehistoric times to the present, supplementing the narrative with a chronology of important dates. The alphabetically arranged entries cover important people, events, political parties, languages, society, economy and culture. Extensive cross-references assist the user in finding related information. Maps, appendixes, and a bibliography round out the volume.


THOMAS P. OFCANSKY has held a number of academic and government positions, most recently with the Bureau of Intelligence and Research Africa Division at the U.S. Department of State. In this and other postings he has visited the region frequently. He is also the co-author of the Historical Dictionary of Kenya and the Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia. RODGER YEAGER is a professor of political science and African history at West Virginia University. He has published extensively on public policy problems and the prospects of eastern Africa. Along with numerous articles, he has published Tanzania: An African Experiment.


...a useful reference work...providing a brief overview of the history of the region...the thematically arranged bibliographical section and the chronological outline will prove of particular value to people needing a quick and easy way into Tanzanian material...the coverage of economic developments, foreign policy and electoral changes is comprehensive enough to give a reader unfamiliar with Tanzania a good understanding of recent political and economic history...provides a wealth of useful information and...performs the task of giving a reader an outline of Tanzanian history... African Studies Review and Newsletter ..the extensive bibliography in this dictionary will be useful to researchers. American Reference Books Annual This is far more than a mere collection of names of individuals who have helped to shape Tanzania, but they are there too...Ofcansky and Yeager deserve whole-hearted commendation for this excellent revised dictionary. The bibliography is unusually fine, even for this series, and must surely leave Clio Press, publishers of the World Bibliographical series on most countries in the world concerned about their own impact. Tanzanian Affairs The authors have packed much information into this volume... CHOICE ...an indispensible reference tool for historians interested in Tanzania, along with other African and other Africanist scholars in the humanities and social sciences...this mongraph represents an important contribution to understanding the complexity of tanzanian history and it deserves the attention of anyone with an interest in the country. International Journal Of African Historical Studies ...useful feadings and a sense of historical balance in content, as well as the good cross-referencing and bibliography... African Research and Documentation
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