Reinterpreting Russia: An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Russia, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation, 1991-1996

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März 1997



Attempts to advance the understanding of Russia by listing, categorizing, and describing some 600 recent books concerning Russia, the Soviet Union, and the post-Soviet Russian Federation. All books included were published between 1991 and 1996 (inclusive).


Steve D. Boilard is Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Western Kentucky University.


The three indexes (author, title and subject) and frequent cross-referencing make this volume user-friendly and allow for easy maneuvering... CHOICE ...carr[ies] on the Russian studies bibliographical work begun by Horecky in the the 1960s, and is to be welcomed for its contribution to that tradition. Slavonica ...the subject matter has undergone an enormous revolutionary change in the last ten years. This makes Steven Boilard's bibliography particularly valuable since teachers and researchers have difficulty not only in keeping up with the changes in their particular field but also have difficulty in keeping abreast of the new literature which has emerged on Russia as a whole...for all of us trying to keep pace with this subject, such guides to what is available are extremely useful. Journal Of Area Studies
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