Archaeological Survey

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Introduction to field survey and mapping methods for archaeologists.


Part 1 I. The Survey Life Part 2 II. The Law, the Process, and the Players Chapter 3 Why Survey? Chapter 4 Regulations in the United States Chapter 5 Regulations in Canada Chapter 6 Who Surveys? Part 7 III. Survey Design Part 8 IV. Pre-Field Strategies Chapter 9 Implementing the Research Design Chapter 10 The Two-Headed Monster Chapter 11 Getting Started Chapter 12 Background Research Chapter 13 The Physical Setting Chapter 14 The Cultural Setting Part 15 V. Getting into the Field Chapter 16 Personnel Chapter 17 Equipment Chapter 18 Local Relations Chapter 19 Native American, First Nations, and Ethnic Community Issues Chapter 20 Traditional Cultural Properties Chapter 21 Consulting with Other Specialists Chapter 22 Survey Methods Chapter 23 Surface Discovery Techniques Chapter 24 Subsurface Discovery Techniques Chapter 25 Field Evaluation to Determine Potential Eligibility for the National Register Part 26 VI. Indirect Exploration Techniques Chapter 27 Metal Detector Chapter 28 Electrical Resistivity Chapter 29 Electromagnetic Conductivity Chapter 30 Ground Penetrating Radar Chapter 31 Magnetometry Chapter 32 Magnetic Susceptibility Part 33 VII. Recording and Mapping Chapter 34 Reading Maps and Aerial Photographs Chapter 35 Drafting Maps Chapter 36 Global Positioning Systems Chapter 37 Geographic Information Systems Part 38 VIII. The Report Chapter 39 Structure and Content Chapter 40 Title Page Chapter 41 Front Matter Chapter 42 Abstract Chapter 43 Introduction Chapter 44 Project Area Description, a.k.a., Environmental Context Chapter 45 Previous Archaeological Investigations Chapter 46 Research Design Chapter 47 Methods Chapter 48 Results Chapter 49 Archaeological Synthesis Chapter 50 Summary and Recommendations Chapter 51 Acknowledgments Chapter 52 References Cited Chapter 53 Figures Chapter 54 Tables Chapter 55 Appedices Part 56 IX. Trying to Make it Real, Compared to What? Part 57 References Part 58 Index


Collins and Molyneaux take the reader through all stages of the survey process from designing the fieldwork on paper, to preparing for the field, carrying out the survey and analysing the results. Oxbow Book News
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