Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference

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Sara Hein maa rediscovers neglected passages of Le Duexi me Sexe in her quest to follow Simone de Beauvoir's line of thinking. She finds the masterpiece to be grounded in the work of Husserl and Merleau-Ponty.


Chapter 1 The philosopher and the writer Chapter 2 The living body Chapter 3 Sexual and erotic bodies Chapter 4 Questions about women Chapter 5 A genealogy of subjection Chapter 6 The mythology of femininity


Sara Heinamaa is senior research fellow in the Department of Philosophy, University of Helsinki, Finland.


In her exciting new book, Sara Heinamaa takes Beauvoir scholarship to a new level, a new depth, providing the definitive analysis of Beauvoir's appropriation of Husserlean phenomenology. Heinamaa gives the best analysis I've ever read of Beauvoir's account of women's oppression, solving interpretive riddles that have bothered me for years. It is a great book, one destined to become a classic. -- Margaret Simons, author of Beauvoir and the Second Sex With great scholarly aplomb, Sara Heinamaa convincingly shows the phenomenological significance of Simone de Beauvoir's work. This is an excellent first book from an emerging philosophical talent. -- Simon Critchley, University of Essex Heinamaa's work is essential reading for its interpreters. Recommended. CHOICE Heinamaa restores to Simone de Beauvoir her place within and beyond philosophy in this elegant and original rereading of her work. Here, Beauvoir comes into her own as a genuine thinker of life in its experienced complexity-a philosopher in the best sense of the word. -- Elizabeth Grosz, author of Space, Time and Perversion: Essays on the Politics of Bodies
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