Historical Dictionary of Slavery and Abolition

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Slavery's origins lie far back in the mists of prehistoric times and have spanned the globe, two facts that most history texts fail to address. This comprehensive volume provides a historical overview of slavery through the ages, from prehistoric times to the modern day, while detailing the different forms, the various sources, and the circumstances existing in different countries and regions. As a broad reference source, it provides a complete look at slavery by discussing the causes and cures, as well as the plight of those who fought for and against it.


Chapter 1 Editor's Foreword Jon Woronoff Chapter 2 Acknowlegments Chapter 3 Chronology Chapter 4 Introduction Chapter 5 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 6 Bibliography Chapter 7 About the Author


Martin A. Klein is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto where he taught African History for 29 years. In 2001, he received the Distinguished Africanist Award of the African Studies Association.


To cover a topic so vast from the dawn of history to the present in 300 pages or so is comparable to reducing a 30-volume encyclopedia to a single volume; yet, that is exactly what this study does, and the result is a surprisingly useful overview of one of humanity's more enduring institutions...High school and college students will find this study helpful, and reference librarians should consider adding it to their collections. American Reference Books Annual Klein delves into many regions and peoples not generally associated with slavery, giving a full picture of this complex, tragic institution. CHOICE
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