Henry Koster

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Of the many film artists displaced by Hitler, Henry Koster was among the few who successfully adapted to the American studio system. Koster directed 45 successful motion pictures in a wide variety of genres all of which share the interplay of warm human feelings a trademark of his films.


Irene Kahn Atkins was raised among Hollywood musical films as daughter of famed lyricist Gus Kahn and was later a music editor. She has conducted oral histories for craftsmen in music and sound for the American Film Institute and Yale University, as well as for the Directors Guild of America, and published Source Music in Motion Pictures (Fairleigh Dickinson, 1983).


Will be the basis for future work on Koster... Movie Collector's World This very enjoyable book is a fine example of what an 'oral history'...should be...A charming and forthcoming portrait...Highly recommended. Film Review Annual Provides a fine case study of the working life of the average Hollywood director of the Golden Age. Communication Booknotes
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