Imagining Archives: Essays and Reflections

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August 2003



Hugh A. Taylor is one of the most important thinkers in the English-speaking world of archives. A retired civil servant and archival educator, he was named to the prestigious Order of Canada, his nation's highest civilian award. The fifteen essays in this volume are presented in chronological order so that readers may appreciate the broadening evolution and rich interconnections in Taylor's thought as these occurred over more than three decades. These essays link archives to social life and contemporary ideas. Also included are two original essays by editors Terry Cook and Gordon Dodds.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Part 1: About Hugh A. Taylor Chapter 3 1 The Far Away Archivist Chapter 4 2 Imagining Archives Part 5 Part 2: Essays and Reflections by Hugh A. Taylor Chapter 6 3 Archives in Britain and Canada-Impressions of an Immigrant (1969) Chapter 7 4 Administrative History: An Archivist's Need (1970) Chapter 8 5 The Discipline of History and the Education of the Archivist (1977) Chapter 9 6 The Media of the Record: Archives in the Wake of McLuhan (1978) Chapter 10 7 Documentary Art and the Role of the Archivist (1979) Chapter 11 8 Information Ecology and the Archives of the 1980s (1984) Chapter 12 9 Transformation in the Archives: Technological Adjustment or Paradigm Shift? (1987-88) Chapter 13 10 My Very Act and Deed: Some Reflections on the Role of Textual Records (1988) Chapter 14 11 Towards the New Archivist: The Integrated Professional (1988) Chapter 15 12 The Totemic Universe: Appraising the Documentary Future (1990) Chapter 16 13 Chip Monks at the Gate: The Impact of Technology on Archives, Libraries, and the User (1991-92) Chapter 17 14 Opening Address to the "Documents that Move and Speak" Symposium (1992) Chapter 18 15 Recycling the Past: The Archivist in the Age of Ecology (1993) Chapter 19 16 A Life in Archives: Retrospect and Prospect (1993) Chapter 20 17 The Archivist, the Letter, and the Spirit (1997) Part 21 Afterword: On reflection and Imagination Part 22 About the Author and Editors


Terry Cook is visiting professor in the postgraduate archival studies program at the University of Manitoba and has taught at the University of Michigan's School of Information. He is the author of The Archival Appraisal of Records Containing Personal Information: A RAMP Study With Guidelines and editor of Electronic Records Practice: Lessons from the National Archives of Canada . Since 1972, Gordon Dodds has worked at the Archives of Ontario, the National Archives of Canada, and the Provincial Archives of Manitoba, where he was manager of the Government Records Office and an associate provincial archivist. In addition to several articles on archival issues, he is the coauthor of four books: Tyneside Classical: The Newcastle of Grainger, Dobson, and Clayton; A Picture History of Ontario; Canada: A History in Photographs; and The World of William Notman.


...will be of interest to any archivist interested in the social foundation of archives and archival theory, and it is a valuable addition to archival science. New England Archivists This collection is very approachable and of interest to any experienced or emerging archivist interested in the social foundation of archives and archival theory; it is a valuable addition to the growing body of literature on archival science. Australian Library Journal
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