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Living History Reader is the first collection of seminal articles about conducting living history. Written by museum interpreters and enthusiasts, the articles are thought-provoking, readable, and collectively present a cross-section of the best writing about historical simulation.


chapter 1 Preface chapter 2 I. INTRODUCTION chapter 3 Jay Anderson, Living History chapter 4 II. BEGINNINGS chapter 5 2. James Deetz, The Changing Historical House Museum: Can It Live? chapter 6 3. John Fortier, Thoughts on the Re-creation and Interpretation of Historical Environments chapter 7 4. Cary Carson: Living Museums of Everyman's History chapter 8 III. FORTS chapter 9 5. John Fortier, Louisbourg: Managing a Moment in Time chapter 10 6. Rod King, Fort Wayne: Soldiers Return to the 1816 Frontier Outpost chapter 11 7. Diane Spencer Pritchard, Fort Ross: From Russia with Love chapter 12 8. Mark L. Gardner, Living History Along the Santa Fe Trail chapter 13 9. Paul Schullery, The Fort Yellowstone Walk chapter 14 IV. FARMS chapter 15 10. R. Douglas Hurt: Agricultural Museums: A New Frontier for the Social Sciences chapter 16 11. Darwin P. Kelsey, Harvests of History chapter 17 12. Darwin P. Kelsey, Historical Farms as Models of the Past chapter 18 13. Edward L. Hawes, The Living Historical Farm in North America: New Directions in Research and Interpretation chapter 19 V. VILLAGES chapter 20 14. James Deetz, The Reality of the Pilgrim Fathers chapter 21 15. Andrew H. Baker and Warren Leon, Old Sturbridge Village Introduces Social Conflict into Its Interpretive Story chapter 22 16. John Patterson, Connor Prairie Refocuses Its Interpretive Message to Include Controversial Subjects chapter 23 17. James Deetz, A Sense of Another World: History Museums and Cultural Change chapter 24 VI. EXPERIMENTAL PROGRAMS chapter 25 18. Jay Anderson, Immaterial Material Culture: The Implications of Experimental Research for Folklife Museums chapter 26 19. Don W. Callender, Jr., Reliving the Past: Experimental Archaeology in Pennsylvania chapter 27 20. Roger L. Welsch, Very Didactic Simulation: Workshops in the Plains Pioneer Experience chapter 28 21. Tracey Linton Craig, Retreat Into History chapter 29 22. Robert J. McQuarie, Experiences in History: A Museum Time Machine for Teaching History chapter 30 VII. CONCERNS chapter 31 23. David Lowenthal, The American Way of History chapter 32 24. Thomas J. Schlereth, It Wasn't That Simple chapter 33 25. Robert Ronsheim, Is the Past Dead? chapter 34 26. Mark Leone, The Relationship Between Artifacts and the Public in Outdoor History Museums chapter 35 27. Michael Wallace, Visiting the Past: History Museums in the United States chapter 36 28. Anthony Brandt, A Short Natural History of Nostalgia chapter 37 29. James Deetz, The Link from Object to Person to Concept chapter 38 VIII. AFTERWORD chapter 39 30. Jay Anderson, Serious Play chapter 40 Contributors chapter 41 Index chapter 42 Preface


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