Environmental Ethics for a Postcolonial World

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Deane Curtin puts today's most important social and environmental ethical issues into their historical, political, and philosophical contexts, and offers deep insights into the nature of our freedom and its relation to justice in our globalized, commercialized culture. Using familiar literary and historical icons to make surprising points about colonial attitudes and practices, he also demonstrates the unique linkages between colonialism and environmentalism. Using an array of well-documented cases from around the world, Environmental Ethics for a Postcolonial World is an accessible and very readable book ideal for students of environmental ethics, globalization, environmental politics, or environmental political theory, as well as for anyone interested in policy and practical options for change.


Chapter 1 One World under God Chapter 2 Lord Greystoke's Legacy Chapter 3 Frankenstein or Tarzan? Chapter 4 What Population Problem? Chapter 5 Gandhi's Vision of Community Development Chapter 6 The Third World in the First World Chapter 7 Clean Clothes/Clean Conscience Chapter 8 Don't Touch the Rocks! Chapter 9 Aldo Leopold's Vision


Deane Curtin is professor of philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College. He has also published articles and books on many subjects, including ecological citizenship, Deep Ecology, Ecofeminism, and Gandhi's philosophy of community development. In recent years he has spoken and taught in Israel, India, Japan, England, Morocco, and Italy.


A clear articulation and synthesis of emerging themes within environmental ethics, bioethics, ecofeminism, and globalization studies...Curtin's work serves as an excellent segue between many of these fields while reminding us of the important role of history within ethics. -- Megan Wade Antieau The Journal Of Religion Environmental Ethics for a Postcolonial World by Deane Curtin opens a discussion that is timely and relevant to contemporary environmentalism. This book avoids the trap of narrowly defined environmentalism by linking environmentalism to progressive ideals, while maintaining that an ethic that marries environmental and social justice claims does not weaken both. -- Dustin Mulvaney Environmental Ethics Curtin's discussion of Tarzan alone makes this book worthwhile for courses in environmental studies, and in sociology, literature, or philosophy courses with an environmental emphasis. -- M. C. E. Peterson, University of Wisconsin Colleges CHOICE
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