Midterm Madness: The Elections of 2002

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April 2003



The midterm contests for the Senate, House of Representatives, and 36 governorships produced drama aplenty in 2002. A tragic plane crash killed a U.S. senator just ten days before the election, casting his state into mourning and political confusion. Anot


Chapter 1 The George W. Bush Midterm: From Popular Vote Loser to Political Colossus in Two-Not-So-Easy Election Steps Chapter 2 Air Force Won Chapter 3 Playing Second Fiddle: Political Ads, International Newsmakers Bury Election Coverage Chapter 4 Starting to Click: Online Campaigning in the 2002 Elections Chapter 5 U.S. House Races : Republican Resurgence After Eight Lean Years Chapter 6 Iowa Senate: Harkin's Best Yet Chapter 7 Minnesota Senate: Tragedy and Triumph in a National Headline Contest Chapter 8 Missouri Senate: Sympathy's Time Limit for Jean Carnahan Chapter 9 New Jersey Senate: Back to the Future as Torricelli Yields to Lautenberg Chapter 10 New Hampshire Senate: Down to the Wire in New Hampshire Chapter 11 North Carolina Senate: Dole Finally Beats Clinton (Sort of) Chapter 12 South Dakota Senate: George Bush vs. Tom Daschle, Once Removed Chapter 13 Tennessee Senate: The Resurrection of Lamar Alexander Chapter 14 Texas Senate: A Race About Race Chapter 15 It's a Sonny Day in Georgia Chapter 16 California Governor: Don't Vote, It Will Only Encourage Them Chapter 17 Florida Governor: Three Elections in One Chapter 18 Illinois Governor: It Was More Than the Ryan Name Chapter 19 Iowa Governor: Vilsack Gets An Encore Chapter 20 Maryland Governor: The Close of Camelot Chapter 21 Minnesota Governor: The End of the Ventura Interlude Chapter 22 Pennsylvania Governor: Philadelphia Gets a Governor Chapter 23 Texas Governor: The Democratic 'Dream Team' Bites the Dust Chapter 24 A Final Look in the Rearview Mirror for 2002: The Midterm Map of America


Larry J. Sabato is director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and author of numerous books including Feeding Frenzy: How Attack Journalism Has Transformed American Politics and Peepshow: Media and Politics in an Age of Scandal.


These case studies are rich in detail and comprehensive in scope. The book is an excellent introduction to the contemporary political scene. Highly recommended. CHOICE This trenchant analysis of George W. Bush at midterm time is the first to examine how an accidental president became politically potent enough to defy conventional wisdom and lead his party to unprecedented success in 2002. By raising the specter of a new midterm paradigm that will give political scientists considerable fodder for future research, Sabato does it again. Midterm Madness is an outstanding addition to the library of anyone interested in campaigns and elections. -- Karen O' Connor, American University This book provides a clear and compelling commentary on Election 2002 by a distinguished set of writers. Everything you wanted to know about the midterm election, but were afraid to ask. Must-reading for all who are polishing their crystal balls for 2004! -- Darrell M. West, Brown University
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