A Biobibliography of Native American Writers, 1772-1925: A Supplement

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Juni 1995



Covers works written in English by American Indians and Alaska natives from Colonial times to 1924.


A welcome updating and expansion of coverage. American Reference Books Annual Taken together, the two volumes comprise the largest and most useful enumeration of Native American writers...anyone seriously interested in Native American writers should have the original volume and the supplement. Western American Literature These two bibliographical volumes represent scholarship of the highest order...no one interested in any branch of Native American Studies should be without these books. American Indian Quarterly ...an indispensable guide to these early writings, the majority of which are indexed nowhere else. Literary Research Guide Well done...a useful update and expansion of the 1981 book...they have the ability and scholarly approach that are needed to do the job. American Indian Culture and Research Journal Valuable research tool...will prepare the way for broader and more securely grounded studies of Native American history and literature. CHOICE ...useful supplement to holdings in US history, culture, and literature. Reference Reviews
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