John and Charles Wesley: A Bibliography

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Oktober 1987



John Wesley is known primarily as the founder of Methodism, but his interests were not limited to religion and theology. His impact on the eighteenth century was profound. Wesley studies appear in the scholarship of many disciplines. The purpose of this bibliography is to bring together these writings about John and his brother Charles_both popular and scholarly works_in an organized and useful arrangement. The bibliography is arranged by format: books, periodical articles, dissertations and theses, fiction, drama, juvenile literature, poetry, and media, with a subject index. There is also a non-English section. This bibliography should be useful not only to persons studying Methodism and Wesleyan theology, but to anyone with an interest in the people and events of the 18th century.


Betty M. Jarboe (BS, MS, MA, education and library science, Indiana University) is a reference librarian at Indiana University Library. She has also published Obituaries: A Guide to Sources (G.K. Hall, 1982) and Studies on Indiana: A Bibliography of Theses and Dissertations, 1902-1977 (Indiana Historical Bureau, 1980).


... there is no inquirer who will not find advantage from Ms Jarboe's work... Journal Of Ecclesiastical History ... Of great help for research... Independent Methodist Churches, (Uk) This is a most useful volume and of immense value to all students in Wesley studies. -- William Leary Methodist Recorder ... The most complete bibliography available... Essential for students of early Methodism or eighteenth-century England. Religious Studies Review Advanced undergraduates and faculty will find it to be a useful guide to the literature, some of which is not readily identifiable through standard sources. CHOICE This thorough compilation should stand as the definitive source on the Wesleys for years to come. American Reference Books Annual
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