Middle East Bibliography

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Juni 1992



Middle East Bibliography contains over 4,400 entries of books, most of which have been published after 1980, giving this volume a definite contemporary flavor. The materials are, for the most part, English-language but include many entries in other Western European languages, such as French and German, and fewer in the Middle East languages of Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkish. There was a special effort to be as inclusive as possible on popular topics such as the Salman Rushdie affair and women in the Arab world. This bibliography was compiled with the aim of providing diverse topics of interest dealing with the region in the Middle East, its people, and its cultures to a wide range of interested people, scholars to laypeople.


Sanford R. Silverburg (Ph.D., International Relations, American University is a professor of political science and chairman of his department at Catawba College, Salisbury, NC. He has been involved in the study of Middle Eastern politics, specializing in international legal problems of the Arab-Israeli conflict and U.S. foreign policy toward the region. He is widely published in the field.


...a compact and information-rich introduction...a high intellectual contribution to Middle Eastern studies. A necessary reference tool for those interested in the region. Digest Of Middle East Studies "Academic collections." CHOICE
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