Jerusalem, the Holy City, Volume II: A Bibliography

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Januar 1991



Contains over 4,475 entries, furthering the author's work of providing a comprehensive bibliography of modern research on the city of Jerusalem.


James D. Purvis is Professor of Religion at Boston University, where he has taught courses in Biblical studies, ancient Near Eastern history and archeology, early Judaism, and an interdisciplinary course in the history of Jerusalem. He was a 1986 recipient of Boston University's Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the author of The Samaritan Pentateuch and the Origin of the Samaritan Sect (Harvard University Press, 1968) and a four-part video series on Jerusalem, the Holy City (Boston University, 1989), plus many journal articles and reviews, and has contributed to several important symposia and dictionaries in biblical, archeological, and Jewish studies.


... as exhaustive and comprehensive as is humanly possible. This is easily the work to consult... Adris Newsletter Both undergraduate and research collections. CHOICE ...indispensable... Biblical Archaeologist ...the two volumes belong in every major research library and will be a valuable investment for any scholar engaged in serious research on Jerusalem. Religious Studies Review ...tremendous debt of gratitude we owe to Purvis for opening windows we did not know existed. Revue Biblique
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